Basic Football Positions

New to football? One of the first things you’ll want to do is learn about the basic structure of the game so you can follow along. During the game, the players on either side each have a position on the field that they are responsible for, and they work together to score goals and block the opposing team. Here is a basic definition of each position in football for our newbie fans.

GoalkeeperAs the name suggests, this person is responsible for defending the goals and blocking direct shots that the opposing team takes.

Centre-backThis player is located directly in front of the goalkeeper and helps stop the opposing team from scoring.

SweeperAnother defensive position, this player is located on the defensive side of the court, but can move around to follow the ball and get it in the possession of their team.

Full-backA team will generally have two full-backs located on either side of the center back. Their job is to help with the defense and cover offensive players.

Wing-backThis is a defensive player that is also able to attack. They bridge the gap between defense and midfielder and must be very versatile players.

Centre midfielder This position works between defense and offense and plays in the middle of the football pitch. They are often the ones who start a play

Defensive midfielderThis position works with the centre midfielder on the defensive end to give more support when the opposing team attacks and cover threatening players on the opposing team.

Attacking midfielderThis player works in the midfield, but their primary goal is to support offensive plays and help with attacks.

WingersThese players are located on either side of the central midfielder and must be very versatile players, working on both offensive and defensive plays as support. Traditionally, wingers have been more offensive and played in a forward position near the field lines, but today they are often pulled back towards centre field.

Main striker This is the main forward who is responsible for making shots on goal. They are the key to any successful offensive play and need great running and kicking skills.

Second strikerThis is a supporting offensive player who also focuses on scoring goals. Just like the main striker, they need to be very quick and nimble.

Throughout the game, players are arranged in various formations to counter the opposing team’s strategy.