Highlighted League

Here at Row League, we want to cover a huge range of leagues and games in the sport of football, particularly throughout the European Union. Although we like to post articles and news about all leagues throughout the season, we like to featured a few highlighted leagues each week that we think are the most exciting to watch. Here are some of our highlighted leagues for right now that we think you should keep your eye on.

Premier League

We have to start off our feature with what has historically been the most popular, most watched, and arguably most competitive in the world – England’s Premier League. We love the Premier League because it continues to be a representation of the tradition and history of football, and attracts some of the best players in the world. This league is home to some of the world’s most famous football teams, such as Chelsea and Manchester United. If you are just getting into football, this is absolutely the league to start with.

Serie A

This is the Italian football league, and it is quickly becoming one of the most competitive and exciting leagues in the world. This league has technically been around for over 80 years now, but it has been revitalized in the last five years due to some reorganization. Serie A has been the home of the highest number of European Cup finalists over the years, and it is highly competitive. The most successful club in Serie A is the Juventus club, which has won 32 titles over the years.

Primera Division

This Spanish-based soccer league has followers throughout the world and is home to some of the best teams and players. They have a huge number of strong teams, several of which make the championship finals repeatedly. Real Madrid and Barcelona are historically the two most successful teams in the league and have fans around the world. This league is often referred to as La Liga. This league also has a very high attendance rate, with an average of over 27,000 people at each game.


If you are interested in digging deeper into the world of football, watch the highly competitive games in Germany’s Bundesliga league. This league attracts a huge number of talented players and frequently has teams that win European and other international titles. Many of the teams are very dynamic and exciting, and there are tons of riveting matches in this league throughout the season. This league also has an extremely high attendance rate, and football is a true pastime in Germany, with many people buying cheap standing room tickets.

Ligue 1

France’s football league is often overlooked, but it is actually very well funded and has tons of top talent. Teams frequently pass through to European and international finals, and Olympique Lyon is know to be the most successful club, with a huge number of consecutive titles. In addition to featuring teams from France, this league also is home to some teams from Monaco.