Best European Football Stadiums

For any true football lover, seeing a game live is a huge treat and is something that many of us save up money to be able to do. While watching a game on the internet or on TV is very fun and exciting, nothing compares to the experience of seeing the real thing in person. There’s nothing quite like being in the crowd and being a part of that exciting energy, and you get to see your favorite players work their magic up close. Europe is home to some of the world’s best football stadiums, and if you want to travel to see a great game, they are definitely worth a visit. Here are the best football stadiums in Europe.

Celtic Park

This stadium has long been considered one of the most iconic in Europe. It is located in Glasgow and is known for its lively and colourful atmosphere. The green seating of this stadium is completely iconic and has been used for a variety of international competitions over the years. The stadium has a long history – although it has been reconstructed, footballers have been playing in this location for nearly 130 years.

Parc de Princes

This stadium is used by one of the most dynamic and successful teams in France – Paris Saint Germain. Although the stadium has been in this location for centuries, it was remodeled in the 1970’s. It is designed so that all spectators have a good view of the game, and while the seats are covered, the center of the roof is open to bring in sunlight.

Stade Velodrome

Another popular French stadium, this one is located in Marseille and is known for its very modern and unique design. The open-air roof curves around the top of the bleachers in a way that is somehow both sleek and industrial, lending a modern appeal to a timeless athletic pastime. The stadium is also one of the biggest in Europe, and takes the title for the largest in France with a capacity of almost 70,000 spectators.

Allianz Arena

Located in Munich, this stadium is not just a great place to watch football, but it’s also a landmark in its own right. The exterior of the stadium is known for changing colors – it switches from red to blue to white depending on which team is playing there. The stadium attracts thousands of people each game and has a very exciting atmosphere.

Old Trafford

Home to Manchester United, arguably one of the most famous football teams in the world, this stadium has become a landmark. The stadium blends a modern design with reminders of the team’s storied history, with statues commemorating important moments in the team’s past. The interior’s iconic red seats will immediately bring about a huge mix of emotions for any football fan, and is worth a visit regardless of who’s playing. Old Trafford shows that football stadiums are more than just a place to play – they bring together fans from around the world to support these talented players.